Yellowstone – Heart of the Earth

Yelowstone. Beauty that inspires awe and power that has no opponent.

This super-volcano is tick-tacking underneath a cape of serenity. The amazing canyons, the river rapids, the waterfalls, the never-ending meadows as well as the breathtaking geysers are all comprised within this gigantic crater that was spotted only from space.

Everywhere marks of previous massive explosions. Events so catastrophic that, to happen again, could end life on Earth as we know it. And the giant can wake up at any moment now. He is breathing in every corner, reminding us of that.

Actually, you can hear him roar. From the “Dragon’s Mouth” echoes a growl right out of the Earth’s guts.

Dragon’s Mouth

Yellowstone is not monochromatic despite what the name may suggest. Actually, I don’t think you’ll ever see within the same eco-system such a wide range of colours, so vibrant, so strong, so unique. Yellowstone’s geysers and hot springs evoke the most amazing impressionist paintings. To climb up the hill and see the Grand Prismatic Spring from the top of a mountain is mind-blowing.

Grand Prysmatic Spring

This giant wants to deceive you into thinking he his predictable. He keeps punching the clock at the Old Faithfull’s cone geyser. No matter what, it is indeed a delightful vision to watch the scheduled eruption.

At Yellowstone you drive through a landscape in constant mutation. At one moment you can be overlooking the Grand Canyon and the river rapids, making a stop to watch a bubbling and smelly Caldron of Sulphur and along the way the angry river will turn into a quiet and gentile water flow where one can swim and fish or grow into an incredible super-lake where fish and other animals survive along-side with deadly geysers. Curiously enough, those dangerous geysers are also thriving life. It’s amazing what you can find in a bath of acid.

Sulphur bath

Yellowstone’s Lake

It’s impossible not to feel the overwhelming power of mother-nature while standing at Yellowstone. The elks, bears, bison, wolfs and other wildlife wander free in the park, crossing our way unbothered.

Bison walking down the road t Yellowstone National Park

This is a place where humans can only pay homage. Nothing can control Yellowstone for it is the heart of the Earth, pumping blood into its veins and keeping us alive. Until the day.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”

                       Gary Snyder

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